• Recanati 10 city kms gave the native to Giacomo Leopardi and Beniamino Gigli
  • Loreto 10 kms destination of remarkable religious importance for its basilica 
  • Castelfidardo 15 kms country of the accordion and theater of historical battles
  • Montelupone 5 kms enumerated for its characteristics among 'one of the most beautiful suburbs in Italy 
  • Genga 40 kms with its marvelous natural caves 
  • Macerata 15 kms with its 'SFERISTERIO', great theatrical arena admired over that for its historical beauty, for the great artists of world fame that every summer appears on its stage 

They are present in Potenza Picena some among the best wine marches cellars of wine as Santa Cassella and Coriolano, without forgetting other famous firms of wine in the neighboring zones.

Kitchen of sea and mountain kitchen: the coast, famous for its brodetto of fish, for the skewers of sea and for the stoccafisso in potacchio and the hinterland, famous, for the vincisgrassi, for the olives of Ascoli, for the roast pig, the ciavuscolo and for the hypocrites, they contend a record that characterizes the kitchen of marches. The brodetto, soups of fish of the Adriatic, borns according to technical different from place place of the coast and they count, among their ingredients, numerous qualities of fish such as passere, rhombuses, mullets, merluzzetti, sogliole, palombo, capon, eels and scorfani, over that crickets, escapes, cuttlefishes and squids.  The vincisgrassi, splendid rectangular lasagnas, with the cappellettis from pesaro, represent the most important first flat places.  The roast pig, perfumed of wild fennel and garlic, crisp in surface and tender inside, is a datum of the kitchen of marches, with the tasty fried olives, the famous Olive all'Ascolana.  A good marches meal can be concluded with ravioli of short pastry or ciambelline, even if, on the place, it is preferred to get up from table, after a taste of sweet and compact pecorino, fresh of pasture and of good grasses. 


The most beautiful discos of the region are in a circle of 10 kms  handlings and centers of horseback riding scattered in the countries of the valley to little distance  racecourses with competitions to national level  the more' beautiful beaches of the adriatic , to few kms the famous beach of Sirolo Sassi Neri and Portonovo  embark hydroplane for the croazia to 12 kms - Civitanova Marche  natural park of conero to 20 kms and natural park of the sibylline to 40 kms  gastronomic feasts and cultural demonstrations for the whole year  for a vacation to the insignia of the calm' and of the fun